The Northbound System

is a continuously iterating & enriching smart ecological system solution for eBiking, focusing on cycling safety and entertainment.

The components in can interconnect and interact with each other. During eBike riding, smart devices can be conveniently and interactively operated and controlled through the Smart HMI, ensuring the safety of riding, and bringing more possibility to entertainments.


  • The Smart HMI

    The Smart HMI

    -TFT HMI

    -LED HMI

    -Monochrome HMI

  • Smart Accessories

    Smart Accessories

    -Smart e-Bike Helmet

    -e-Bike Radar


    -Tire pressure sensor


    -Motion camera







  • Bikewise Pro 4.0

    Bikewise Pro 4.0

    -e-Bike Information

    -Cycling Screen

    -Teaming Up

    -Configure Smart Devices

    -Route planning and Navigation

    -Social Network


    -OTA Upgrade

    -Activity Report

    -Online Service

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About Us
Since 2013, continuous innovation dedicated to improving riding experience.